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IWAP - End of Year One

(Breathe in. Breathe out.) That was year one of the Indigenous Wellness and Addiction Prevention program. My final papers have been turned in and I wait until (I think) Tuesday for my final marks. I had great success in my assignments and projects. I am getting better with public speaking, it's still nerve-racking when it's over Zoom. I am grateful for the teachers and my classmates. Somedays the subject matter is hard to deal with, but I love that we are able to discuss and question things, we learn from each other. It's an amazing group of people. Our group is getting smaller, I think we started with 18 students and we're down to around ten. Some unfortunately won't be moving on with the 2022 class but we'll still be connected and encourage one another on our journeys. ​ In just over a week, I return to school for my final semester of Office Admin. So I'll be taking advantage of my week off and resting for the big stretch. I'll have "most" of August off from schooling then it will be September and year two of IWAP. It's going to be a good time.


​​04/26/2021 - I got a notification this morning from my HUM200 professor that we start tomorrow, and I don't have my book or funding yet. Yikes.

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