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Is This My Origin Story?

It's been a day, all week actually. I was scrolling through the social media feeds and something caught my eye... I had passed a survey on one of the Fibromyalgia support groups and one of the options on the survey was "did you have mono" - - - omg! I had mono in the fall of 1996. So I absolutely had to see if there was an actual connection between mono and fibro. My mind is blown. I can't believe that I didn't hear about this connection before but I think this works in my story.

In 1995/96, until that summer, I was totally in my rebellious stage. Things came to screeching halt when I went overboard and had alcohol poising in August 1996. I stopped being the party people I knew before, I went back to certain circle of friends, and found new love. It was a sweet and innocent relationship, so sweet and innocent, that we just kissed and held hands, he was respectful of my boundaries. He was a gentleman. We lived down the street from each other and took advantage of our neighborhood and hung out in the parks and go for walks together.

I was trying to sort in my memory bank: how did I contract mono? Around the time I had fell ill and went for lab work, and saw my family GP, I hadn't seen my boy for several weeks (I was in grade 11 and he was in his first year of college). I must had caught it from sharing food and drinks with my girlfriends, we shared everything. Teen girls, eh?! I did look into and found "The virus has an incubation period of approximately four to six weeks". That fact matches that the last kisses we shared were the beginning to mid-October; he was busy with school, so was I, I had a stacked first semester. In November I was busy with different volunteer projects, our school's food bank drive was a big event that I adored getting out in the community with empty boxes and bags and knocking on doors and bringing food to our local food bank. One household was so generous, there was a giant box loaded with canned and boxed goods, I was able to pick it up, start down the roadway to get the goods to our teacher's SUV, as I approached the vehicle, my right ankle rolled in a pot hole and I went down with the box. My team ran at me, to help me collect the items, and myself back on my feet but I had sprained my ankle. After returning our haul back to the school for the finally tally, ate pizza, and did the mandatory group photo. The following day, I was kept home to rest my foot and get to the GP. I am fairly certain that I was not seen for mono testing at that appointment cause my ankle. I was told to rest a few days and get back to school, and take it easy. Then a week or two later in November, was I had another GP appointment and was told I had mono and stayed home for several more days. When I was home, on bedrest for having mono, I had a couple, sweet friends decide to go shop for a get well gift for me; while they were at the mall, the saw my new boyfriend holding hands and kissing another girl. It was the truth, because the friends who saw him with another girl, were friends that in my circle who introduced us together in August. Really, we were still on speaking turns literally until I got mono, a week without talking and no conversation about break-up.

FOOTNOTE: I found my report card from November 6, 1996 - yup, missing a couple day for the ankle injury.

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