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Infrared Sauna Therapy

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Today, I had my follow up on my adrenal testing from February. I am trending on the low end of normal levels. It appears that my body wants to work properly, the pattern is shown in the adrenal testing, but my levels peak so low and never rise high enough to be energized and refresh after I slept. We have a couple things to try from now until my next appointment in April/May. I will be purchasing Pink Himalayan salt; I will be learning more about the benefits and I am looking forward to trying something new. We also discuss the benefits to trying a supplement name Adrenergyn.

After my telephone consultation with Dr. Sabrina Giustra, ND, I got ready to head over to the North Bay Naturopathic Clinic to try for the first time the Infrared Sauna Therapy (IST). It was exactly what I am looking for my poor body is cold and bones hurts from the pain. I loved that I was lay back rest, have my favorite playlist playing, and sip my water. Next time, I'm trying my fave meditation from Ariel Meadow Stallings.

Today was also my birthday. Kirk made muffin tortes, which was a delicacy from Brazil Coffee House.

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