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I Walked By Again For Her To Get A Better Look

When we were unpacking boxes recently, I found some dresses that I haven't worn in a few years and decided to break out this lovely high-low dress from Suzy Shier. I only got to wear it once before, it was the dress I wore for the IFCI Fibromyalgia Advisor graduation ceremony, August 2020. The dress is sheer so I purchased a similar color lilac teddy from la vie en rose. Nothing is seen, but it is a sheer dress. I went out for an evening coffee date with my partner and decided to visit a second hand store for a quick browse. I knew which sections I needed for household and kitchenware, and was circulating in the store in a pattern where I could be quick to seek new treasures. As I was finishing my laps in the store, a woman passed me in the last aisle I wanted to look through before I headed back to the car. She glared at me and did the look up and down in disapproval. So I walked around the aisle, stopped to look at an item like I was interested, then I walked by her again for her to get a better look as I left the store. I wish I would be bold enough to let people know how much it took for me to be here in this moment, in this outfit, as this person. I wear the dresses and outfits I wished I was allowed to wear and I wished I was confident to wear those things when I was a teenager/young adult. I was shamed and belittle for being a girl/a woman. I was not allowed to be me. That's why I walked by her a second time, she needed to see that it took all of me to be here today.

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