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How I Manage My Hair With Fibromyalgia

Honestly, I am spoiled. I get a lot of help with my hair. There was a time when every time I washed my hair, I would be exhausted afterwards, still happens once and a while, so I ask for someone in the house to brush my hair for me. For about a year, I have had long hair. I believe it would have been shoulder length this time last year and now it's just above my chest. My preferred hairstyle for several years has been the pixie cut and most years previous to 2010, I usually kept to bobs and chin length styles, with the exceptions of three different years that I had long hair for special occasions: 1997, 2005 & 2008.

My daughter and my youngest child bugged me to grow my hair long and they promised they would style it for me as long as it was grown out. Just my oldest daughter was actually helping with my hair, she would braid my bangs and pin them back when I was started college in the fall of 2019. For my birthday this year, my oldest daughter gave me that cute crimped look in my profile photo (she did my makeup too). In the late spring, or early summer, she started doing French braid in my hair, I love that look.

When she left for college in September, my partner styled my hair a few times and I really loved the style he tried on September 13th, it was simply beautiful.

September 13, 2020.

Lately, I am sick of my long hair, it's so damaged from the hair dyes I've used and I've tried reviving it but it's still broken and the color is imperfect. I am very temped to go back to a pixie style but might consider a style that is short and could easily be styled with a braid or something simple for my daughter(s) or my partner to stle for me.

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