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I started working on a new page for my website, I look forward to sharing the content but I'm not quite ready to share it. It's going to get personal and I hope I feel a sense of healing on my journey as I work through my story.

It happens to be the three year anniversary when millions of women simply taking their voices to social media and typing this hashtag: #metoo. I simply just added the hashtag but did not share my story/stories. Some women were extremely brave in my eyes, they spoke their truths and I stand beside them, I believe their truths. My mind was racing today. I started building a biography page and thought about how much do I really share on a Fibromyalgia blog. Then I realized, for (most) Fibromyalgia Warriors, it is our past traumas that have led us to this pain. In my pain and suffering, there's also anxiety and depression. Possibly, my voice can help another woman speak her truth and work towards healing. ​I am starting to work through these tough moments and memories in my life (time span from the ages of 16 through 18). Names will be changed to protect some people, not necessarily to protect the person themselves from the actions they did 20+ years ago, but possibly protecting their families and other victims of their behavior. My Her Story page will have happy moments, stories, and photos as well. I experienced some wonderful moments. I am excited to work on this project: it may take some time, since I am often working on essays, assignments, and case studies for Indigenous Wellness & Addiction Prevention. I hope to launch the page "HERSTORY" by the time I'm on Winter Break in December, after my exams for semester one.

​UPDATE: ​HERSTORY will be launched in 2023-24.

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