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​I am so grateful for my educational opportunities. I am happy, I was brave enough to start college at 39 years old (September 2019). I am grateful for the students I worked with last year and the teachers who were super supportive of my limitations. I worked as hard as I could and I am proud of those grades. I became overwhelm when COVID-19 restrictions come into place while I was trying to earn my diploma and homeschool my children. I had the right support team in my partner, my mom, my children, and my fibromyalgia coach. Sad I didn't graduate with the lovely ladies I got to know in OAD 2019-2020, something better came from this, it became the time to focus on my health and growth plan. I graduated my three month program to become a certified fibromyalgia advisor. Now to focus on the next goal IWAP, class of 2022!

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