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Feeling More Like Summertime

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

I have so much to share and talk about today. I wanted to show the rest of the Hello Fresh meals we enjoyed this week, how school is coming along, COVID vaccination & the Fibromyalgia Podcast, and I want to say please support Indigenous Artists.

It's feeling more like summertime even though I have courses during the daytime. At the very lease, every day after my online classes, it's patio'clock. Patio'clock is best enjoyed before supper needs to be prepared, cooked, and served. Just sit back to enjoy the sunshine, a wonderful drink, and unwind after school with the kidlets.

Today, I received three teas: Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Mint, and Mango Lemonade. I really love to enjoy a lemonade for patio'clock.

For my tea selection that I favor are usually fruit herbal, rooibos, and basically anything that I can make into an iced tea or a chai latte! I also aim to get the teas that are low in caffeine.

There's a bit of a heat wave in our area of Ontario, Canada. Please keep yourself hydrated and enjoy some iced teas and keep drinking water to concur this heat.​


I truly enjoyed my first meal from Hello Fresh. This amazing dish was the Cheesy Monterey Jack Burgers, with a side of potatoes.

This was our first week using Hello Fresh. I am so proud of my chefs; they cooked these recipes so perfectly.

I am a full time college student who has fibromyalgia. Since the pandemic imposed self isolation and stay at home orders, I rarely go to the grocery store(s). I love that the hello fresh meals are easy to prepare. I also love that I am able to select my meals plans to accommodate my need to eat more protein and veggies to help, I hope that these changes will help ease my fibromyalgia body pains and hopefully see improvements in my energy. My spouse may not have time to go get our ingredients everyday, he works long hours. I have been thinking about Hello Fresh for a very long time. My two youngest children, ages 15 and 12 years old respectively, are able to cook and clean. Their new chore will be to cook and present our second Hello Fresh meal. Half our daily battles is What's for dinner? ​Well, Hello Fresh has that solution for our family.

I made this Mexican Street Corn dish and it's the kidlets new favorite meal.


This weekend is half way mark of the spring semester. Next week is my final in Medical Billing and the start of the final challenges in Accounting. Accounting ends June 23 and my Human Relations course ends July 2. So close to my diploma, I am so excited to become a college graduate! ​

My blog post called Team Moderna was published last month when I received my vaccination, and this past week, Tami Stacklehouse of the Fibromyalgia Podcast shared her experience when she was preparing and getting her vaccination. As Tami says in her podcast, please speak with your health provider about the use of supplements if you are considering adding anything to your daily routine. On April 29, Tami shared with her coaches and her advisors, her doctor's precautionary protocol:

  • NAC 600 mg

  • D3 10000 IU

  • L-Glutathione 500 mg

  • Selenium 200 mcg

I used these supplements as a precautionary method, because I did have concerns that I would have bad side effects and pain from the vaccination.


Support Indigenous artists, by following them on social media, purchase Indigenous clothing made by Indigenous people, and continue listening and supporting them through the journey to truth and reconciliation.


Please find out more about Indigenous People and colonialization. I have blogged about Indigenous Canada last year and I wanted to share it again: The University of Alberta offers a FREE course called Indigenous Canada.


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