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Farm life: Peas and Noodles

First in the life blog post series, the idea behind farmlife was inspiration from a Blur album called Parklife. Farmlife would be short series that would showcase some recipes and experiences from farm life. My paternal grandparents were farmers.

Today, I wanted to share a family recipe. My grandmother Audrey passed away January 1995. I visited an aunt later that year. One night she taught me how to cook a homemade recipe called peas and noodles. I loved making it with her and how simply delicious this sweet creation that was a staple of their meals. I was infatuated with the idea family life on the farm when I was fifteen years old.

I haven't made this recipe in years. The last time I remember making peas and noodles was fourteen years ago. When I was unpacking boxes in my new apartment, I found the recipe in a hand written cookbook that I no longer wished to have because it was a gift from someone who hurts me so I pulled out my aunt's instructions and created an index card template to build my recipe collection in my new home.

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