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Eurotrip 2020

This year for our anniversary, Kirk offered to take me for a weekend away together. I joked about a road trip that we could do this summer because of quarantine and covid restrictions. He loved the idea and wanted to travel it this summer.

Kirk has been super supportive during the last few years: when my health was bad and through the doctors' appointments, medical tests, blood work, visits to specialists, x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scan, MRI... speaking up for my health when I didn't have the words or the strength to express myself. I know it's been hard for him to see me at my worse, all he wants to do is "fix it" but he can't, and that's his greatest struggle.

He was encouraging when it was decided that I wanted to attend college and work on my future. He was supportive when it was time to step aside from my spring semester; he understood the stresses involved that lead me to put aside my dream to make sure our family would be able to cope with their new lifestyle during the pandemic. Kirk was understanding when it was time for me to focus on my healing and begin my journey IFCI: I started working with a fibromyalgia coach and I was accepted in the Certified Advisor program with IFCI. He is happy that I have a plan to return to school in the fall to continue my education.

I am grateful for our relationship, Kirk is my best friend & my support team when I need him most.

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