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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Yesterday, I attended another art therapy session. I loved the guidance from the instructor and we were channeling our inner character. Example, if you were shy, maybe your inner character is more confident, present yourself as your character. I wasn't able to draw during the session, I decided this was a collage and on a canvas, I wrote my inner character and named her (my first middle name) Eloise. I also signed my full name around the drowning Capricorn moon.

In yesterday's session, I just did the base color on the canvas, I used metallic purple and turquoise. I ran the metallic stained water down the side of the canvas and it created a formation that I saw as a hand grabbing something/someone violently.

​This afternoon, I put together the rest of the vision on the canvas. It's a beautiful mess and it's drying right now, but I'm pleased with the process and the journey through Eloise, a warrior.

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