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Digital Badge Awarded

In July, I began my first Western University Creative Writing course. I wish I kept the same excitement for the course the whole way through but I was experiencing some very dark days and I fell into a habit of postponing my work until the last day, even last hours before the due date. I was mad at myself when I would fall apart and fuel my mood swings. I am very grateful for the timing of the course and my peers comments & feedback on my work and interest in my blog. Every time I received a comment/feedback from a peer or from the professor, I would copy and paste them into a folder; I plan to print the feedback on cardstock and place them above my workstation. I think visual reminders that I am capable to create or write anytime. That my voice matters.

​I earned my digital badge from Western University, for my first completed course in their Creative Writing program. I finished my course with 92% - I lost my dream and direction in 1997/98 because of abuse/neglect and c-ptsd; I am FINALLY putting myself into the programs I want to become who I have always dreamed of. Here is some of the critique and feedback I received with my digital badge: "The participant developed an identity for a proposed blog, and generated an editorial plan and marketing plan for their blog, taking their primary and secondary audiences into account. The participant demonstrated their ability to produce an engaging blog post, and their ability to offer constructive feedback on others' blog posts."

I am starting to believe that I am the writer.

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