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Assignment #1 - Childhood Memory

Updated: Feb 11

I was diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, for myself it means that I have cognitive issues and it's very difficult for me to remember childhood memories. Something that I do remember is my mom's undeniably beautiful ability to be a creative woman and mother. She gifted me a diary that she had written over 3 years of my infancy and toddlerhood. She created a welcome baby book, she Illustrated the book on cloth then she ran the sewing machine to embroider the designs.

She always created the most amazing birthday cakes. One year, she made a train with different cars that were decorated with white icing and delicious candies. My personal favorite one I remember through photos, was my 2nd birthday cake. It was a cookie monster cake. It was so impressive that I tried to replicate that amazement for my daughter’s second birthday by creating an Elmo cake for her. It was beyond challenging but my husband and I recreated my special memory for our girl.

She was remarkably talented and entrepreneurial. When Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage and in the early 80s she created and sold Cabbage Patch doll carriers that children all over the neighborhood sport while carrying their Cabbage Patch doll. One time she hosted a neighborhood party in a public park and I believe the RSVP requested that you come with your Cabbage Patch doll .

I believe it was July 1984. My mom hosted a Halloween themed Christmas in July party and I remember all my sister's school friends dressed up and their best Halloween costumes and hanging out in our backyard. I only recall these events because there's documentation whether it was the written diary or the amazing photos. I'm grateful for these fragmented memories that are shared by photography and storytelling, which are my favorite mediums.

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