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Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day. Yesterday, I ordered the sweetest premade logo on etsy and this morning I received my logo​ for my blog. I wasn't expecting such a quick turnaround and I've been editing and tweaking my website. I'm pleased that I relaunched the site today. I love my logo. I'm proud of the image I created for the header on my blog (I made that sky!). I really love the logo that RambleRoadStudios created for me that I already ordered my photography logo.

Look at my beautiful plant! This is the very same rose plant from my blog post Plant Therapy. I have been nurturing my Mallory and she has grown stronger and bigger. Last week, I moved her into a new planter because when she started to grow she was so close to the edge, I wanted to have her centered and given more space to grown out.

I went treasure hunting at second hand stores this evening. My library grew by 15 new (to me) books. I found six of the babysitters club books that I've been wanting to (re)collect. It was my favorite series when I was a preteen. I know I lit up when I found my first Mallory book. I also got a beautiful book bag and some gorgeous puzzles. I was thrilled to find the New Yorker puzzle, I was looking at this art print for the new apartment. I can't wait until we'll be in our new apartment later this spring... I'm anxious to have my bookcases, again. I am very hopeful that I may find peace and maybe begin to sleep to rest, not sleep because I'm exhausted. I'm looking forward to curling up in bed with my book.

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