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Back To School

​(Breathe in. Breathe out.) September was a crazy, busy month. I made it through my first month into my second program at Canadore College. I was surprised at the end of August when I enrolled for my courses to find out all course will be provided online (I was previously told it would be 50/50 in class and online) but I rolled with it.

I'm taking Indigenous Wellness and Addiction Prevention. My class are

  • Traditional Healing, Learning, and Teaching

  • Introduction to Substance Abuse Counselling and Teaching

  • Contemporary Challenges Facing Native Communities

  • ​Introduction to Cultural Specific Helping

  • Environmental Citizenship

During September 22 through 24, I participated in a Culture camp with my class. It was an amazing experience and wonderful to meet my classmates in person. I felt welcome and accepted by my peers and I learned so much about my family's culture. I was thrilled to make my own hand drum, it was hard work but I had so much fun working along side my new friends.

September 30

Today was Orange Shirt day. I wore my GGC orange hoodie. After my morning class, I took Miley for a walk, the sun was shinning, and it has been a while since I routinely take my walk (October challenge). As we were finishing our stroll in the trails, the rain started to come down, I walked with my right hand out, catching the raindrops as we continued on, enjoying the crisp air and the fact that I am alive on this day. I could never imagine having my children taken away from me because someone thought they were savages. No one should have ever experience that trauma (parent, child, or anyone affected). When I homeschooled my (smallish) children, we had native studies classes and they had nature days with their dad. I want my children to learn and love their culture. That's why I am where I am today. My educational path has crossed my passion for my family to learn about their heritage and I love how things are coming along for myself, my children, and for Kirk.

Happy Mail Day!

I love getting real good mail. This parcel I just couldn't wait for it... I needed it last week for my Culture camp, I'll be wearing my new ribbon skirts at the next camp or special ceremony with my class. My skirts were created by Alexa Eliza. I adore her shop, the skirts are so beautiful, and she has gorgeous items in her etsy store.

​Photography & Hair by Sarah C C Lashbrook. Ribbon Skirt crafted by Alexa of Hope and Eliza Designs.

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