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A Fibro Bookworm's Blessing

As a youth, I adored reading. I still love to read but I struggle somedays with headaches and somedays I have cognitive issues: I have troubles remembering what I just read (in a matter of seconds).

​For my back to school gift in January, I subscribed to Audible. I get two books a month, and the option to buy more as needed and wanted. I have been loving this app, it's a blessing; I put on a book for bedtime and I get myself settled, I drift off to dreamland while I have someone read me my bedtime story. My no-so-guilty pleasure are books about Witches and Feminism.

I still love a paper copy of a book so I have been building a little library since I started college in the fall of 2019. I treated myself to beautiful bookcases from Hudson Bay. I have been buying Indigo's 3/$10 classic stories series.

I want to be able to collect original copies of the Babysitters Club series, when I was preteen/teenager, I had their mysteries series and their classic series (until book 70, I believe). I look forward to treasure hunting once restrictions in the province of Ontario are lifted next month.

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