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I am learning that being creative can help the healing process. ​Another part of my healing is reconnecting with the girl who loved books & dreamed to be a writer. I have been reconnecting with literature and different arts that I had troubles to enjoy while I was in survival mode.

Mallory en montgolfière is an homage to my favorite childhood book series, Martine. I love the symbolism of the hot air balloon and I visualize that I, Mallory, am navigating life with chronic illness while on a healing journey.

Since my teenaged years, I have intrigued by symbolisms. 

A hot air balloon's journey could be unpredictable because we cannot control the winds & if we struggle again the wind we end up using our energy in wasteful way. When we allow ourself to surrender to the wind we may notice the things around us in a different way.



I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2018, I am still struggling to understand my illness and learn to cope with my pain. In spring 2022, I was diagnosed with chronic depression, c-PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder.


Creative Writing

I started Western University's creative writing continuing education certification program Summer 2023.

My first course was blogging. I am building my skills and beginning to work on better blogging practices. My next course starts in a few weeks; Creativity for Writers.


Art Therapy

Since May 2023,  I have been attending an art therapy based support group & one-on-one art therapy with an art psychotherapist intern.

November 15 & 22, I had the opportunity to share my art in my private art exhibit. Imagery and music available here

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Creative Blog

Cerelia Mallory Hepburn's Creative Blog during the duration of Creativity for Writers

(January 15 - March 8)


Love After Trauma

I am documenting my relationship with my partner in a series titled Love After Trauma.


Fibromyalgia Study

In October 2021, I conducted a survey for my Indigenous Wellness and Addiction Prevention IWA 209 - Evaluating Information course.

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